Joel Canfield 150 150 Reiter, Brunel & Dunn, PLLC

Joel Canfield

“RBD has been one of our key success factors in taking our concept through execution.  Their toolbox that we value so highly includes solid temperaments, measured sound advice, an efficient approach and engaging personalities.

Regardless of our size relative to other clients, RBD has always been accessible and made us a priority in their practice.  RBD is driven by a desire to get deals done, rather than collect billable hours. They’re one of the good ones.”

Peter Poulin 150 150 Reiter, Brunel & Dunn, PLLC

Peter Poulin

“GRC values its partnership with RBD. We always get experienced and knowledgeable counsel. It’s great to know we are not paying for junior counsel who may be learning on the job.”

Larry Warnock 150 150 Reiter, Brunel & Dunn, PLLC

Larry Warnock

“I have used RBD for three companies where I served as CEO. From incorporation through financings and then to the eventual company sale, RBD has provided my companies with practical legal counsel to facilitate company growth and exit success.”

Ravi Parikh 150 150 Reiter, Brunel & Dunn, PLLC

Ravi Parikh

“For the past five years, RBD attorneys have been general counsel for two enterprises for which I am co-founder and CEO. They consistently provide practical, efficient, and calculated legal advice. RBD continues to impress me with their tactful negotiation abilities and have skillfully saved one of our companies from potential hostile takeover. RBD attorneys have represented us in multiple rounds of investor capital financing and handles the entire process from start to finish with white-glove service.”