Your Outsourced General Counsel
About Us
We intentionally designed Reiter, Brunel & Dunn to be different from most law firms.

We understand

We deliver practical, cost-efficient legal solutions to business challenges.
We understand excellent legal work actively serves business goals and objectives.
We work closely with our clients, so their legal invoices are never a surprise.

We hire only experienced business lawyers who have worked in a senior in-house position or in a large corporate firm. Our experience covers a broad range of sectors including technology, life sciences, manufacturing, communications, and financial services. Our team’s hands-on style ensures you never pay to train a junior associate.

The RBD value model allows clients to work with a business lawyer who understands business, without adding a full-time employee or hiring a high-priced traditional firm.

Our Value Proposition

Reiter, Brunel & Dunn’s Outsourced General Counsel model offers exceptional value.  The efficiency we bring to our clients’ projects starts with our approach to staffing.  We do not hire associates who train at client expense and we maintain low overhead, enabling us to offer lower hourly or fixed rates than those of comparable or larger sized law firms.  Clients receive the services of experienced attorneys to support their business teams.  The business acumen our team has gained as in-house counsel has taught us to be more cost effective and to focus on legal advice that provides practical solutions to clients’ business problems and advances their business goals.  As your Outsourced General Counsel, our unique approach to the practice of business law underscores our value proposition:  highly experienced, efficiently delivered, reliable legal representation.