JT McCormick 150 150 Reiter, Brunel & Dunn, PLLC

JT McCormick

“RBD attorneys have been working with Scribe and its founder team since its earliest days of inception. They have provided sound, measured, practical legal counsel for us, while adding a personal touch along the way. They make otherwise complex matters and transactions feel simple and seamless. RBD has made it a point to be accessible and responsive, and their approach makes them valuable members of the team. I cannot recommend them enough.”

Barry Pomeroy 150 150 Reiter, Brunel & Dunn, PLLC

Barry Pomeroy

“RBD has served as our Outside General Counsel for over a decade and is responsible for managing all of our diverse legal needs on a global basis. They thoroughly understand our business, so they are able to provide us with efficient counsel to achieve our business objectives.”

Kurt Gruner 150 150 Reiter, Brunel & Dunn, PLLC

Kurt Gruner

“RBD truly feels like my ‘counselor down the hall.’ It’s great to have lawyers who are always looking out for you and your business.”

Jeffrey A. Cross 150 150 Reiter, Brunel & Dunn, PLLC

Jeffrey A. Cross

“I enjoy working with the folks at RBD. They are seasoned professionals and very customer focused. This is the second company where I leveraged them as counsel as they feel like an extension of my team. They understand my business and are extremely reasonable in terms of cost.

They are trustworthy, business-minded, and service-driven, and I highly recommend them for anyone looking for business counsel.”

Luke Filipos 150 150 Reiter, Brunel & Dunn, PLLC

Luke Filipos

“We’ve worked with RBD attorneys for the better part of the last four years and we can’t recommend them enough. They helped us grow from a small, scrappy startup to a full-size organization and ultimately oversaw our successful and positive acquisition by a larger organization. RBD’s dedication to transparency and integrity is first class, as is their work product as legal professionals. I would happily encourage anyone considering legal services to work with the RBD team.”