Debra Cotter

Austin, TX


An accountant with over 30 years of business and legal management experience, Debra Cotter has a diverse knowledge of working with businesses both large and small. A former business owner herself, she knows the critical importance of having accurate books and a good management team. Having worked with RBD for the past 5 years as the Firm Administrator, Debra enjoys talking with clients and learning how she can be of assistance, understanding their policies and procedures. It is Debra’s goal to not only make sure the client’s experience is pleasant, positive and informative, but also that RBD can add value to the relationship. Managing the books and administering a system that efficiently provides accounting information that is both practical and useful, is just part of what Debra offers to our clients.

Debra is a native Michigander, who moved to Texas with her family in 2006. She loves the Texas weather. In her spare time Debra enjoys reading a books and spending time with her husband doing day trips throughout Central Texas.