Firm Values

Firm Values
  • We show care, empathy, respect and humility in dealing with others.
  • Our communications are open, candid, honest and genuine.
  • We live our integrity through keeping promises to clients and colleagues.
  • We are committed to excellence in legal services and counseling in support of our clients’ goals.

Our Behaviors That Are Driven By These Values

We are a highly supportive team. We treat each other and our clients with care and respect. Clients feel at home and are comfortable doing business with us.

We are counselors first and lawyers second. We want to understand what our clients want to achieve before helping them execute.

We strive to have relationships with a client’s team and not just the person who hired us. We are found both on job sites and in board meetings. Clients can expect non-billable check-in calls so that we can know how best to anticipate their needs.

We are skilled, detail-oriented execution specialists. Once we understand needs, we will produce the best legal services to accomplish them.

Our philosophy, structure and procedures are cost-sensitive, fully leveraging technology. We provide transparent and innovative approaches to billing.

We have relationships with other professional advisers whose values and standards reflect our own. Our interest in a client’s total success moves us to provide resources in areas beyond the law.

Our aim is to serve as “Your Outsourced General Counsel. Alignment with a client’s vision is critical to success.